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Who are we?

Makemyproto is venture of DBZ catering to varying prototyping needs. It was specially found to identify varying prototyping requirements, assess those requirements carefully, and deliver a solution by employing technologies that include AFPM, FDM, SLS and providing these solutions at your doorstep.

We have a stellar lineup of 3D printers that are efficient, affordable, professional and maintain an international quality standard. We are on a mission to demystifying technology and making it accessible to engineers, designers, architects, medical researchers, educators and innovators to innovate, realize and visualize their ideas, but lack opportunity to make their ideas real.

Being manufacturers of 3D printing machines gives us a profound and holistic understanding of this technology, armed with this expertise we offer end to end rapid prototyping and #D prototyping services in India and across globe. You don’t need to buy 3D printer to harness its benefits in product development. Just get in touch with make my proto and we will prototype your design. Right from ideation to execution our in house designers and engineers work with you to make your ideas a tangible reality.

What we can offer
Makemyproto offers latest technologies in additive manufacturing to bring your ideas in real world.
Fused Deposition Modeling extrudes a melted filament onto a build surface along a predetermined path, As the material is extruded it cools forming a solid surface providing the foundation for the next layer of material to be built upon. This is repeated layer by layer until the object I completed. We have various range of materials and build size of (500*500*500)mm in single shot. It is cost effective and rapid additive manufacturing process.
AFPM stands for Advanced Fusion Plastic Modeling. It is in house developed and patented 3D prototyping technology. AFPM helps to control temperature and material flow in variable layers of printing which gives us better material resulting stronger adhesion in layers which means better printed part strength. AFPM Gives strength equivalent to SLS in cost of FDM
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Selective Laser Sintering is Additive manufacturing technique that uses a laser as he power source to sinter powder material, aiming the laser automatically at points in space defined by a 3D model, binding a material together to create a solid structure.
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Why us?
World Class 3D Printing Infrastructure
Being a 3D printer manufacturer gives us access to best in class 3D prototyping technology such as FDM, AFPM, SLS. We provide range of various materials and maximum (500*500*500)mm printable dimensions in single shot.
High Quality And Precision
Years of experience and countless hours of 3D printing give us a leading edge. Our expertise coupled with our tried and tested methodologies allow us to achieve the best quality possible quickly and with minimal variance. With right pre and post processing techniques, we ensure that our 3D printed object are high quality and precise.
First Class Support And Expert Consultation:
We aim to be your trusted partner and first choice when it comes to any of your 3D prototyping throughout the entire development process, we guide you and share valuable information to help you get the best result. We provide first class support in your entire journey with make my proto.
Inspection And Quality Control Reports:
After prototyping parts it goes under various post processing methods if necessary. Once part is completely ready we inspect the same with CAD data provided and ensure high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. We also provide quality control report for the part prototyped.
Affordable Prices And Timely Delivery:
Our aim is to make this technology accessible and affordable to product designers, innovators and everyone who wishes to innovate. Being manufacturers of 3D printing machines helps us to reduce overhead costs incurred and borne by you as customer. We can understand the urgency of your prototyping and development phases. We ensure timelines and deliverables with strict focus on quality.
A few words from our clients
I am quite satisfied with the print quality of your FDM machine as compared to others in the market. The printing cost per cm3 is also very reasonable. DBZ team is very considerate and helpful. I wish Divide by Zero every bit of success in the future.
Mr. Shabarish Muralidharan
Founder Of Carbon Cadd
Recently we got some boxes printed  for our autopilot from Div By Zero Technologies, Print Quality is too good, Finish is perfect, Overall service is very good, Thanks and We wish them success in their future endeavours.
Ms. Bhuvana Sai
Sree Sai Aerotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd
I would like to thank your company and your employee personnel at your end for their excellent support. Team DBZ took care of all my queries. Thay also provided timely and helpful advice regarding my brand product, let me know all the important information regarding the process including its features, utilities etc.I am a busy medical professional and I urgently required the end product for our further proceedings. DBZ Team were extremely attentive and listened to all my concerns with a great deal of patience. They also ensured that I received the product and the time by which I would expect the end product to be shipped to our HO. As a doctor working in the Pharma outback, I am constantly tending to the needs of new product developments of different specs. A 3D Printing vendor is a critical requirement for me.
Dr. Archit D. Kumarwar
Dhootapapeshwar, A Pharmaceutical Company
Print Sample Photos from across different industries?
Makemyproto has empowered fast, accurate, and reliable 3D printing solutions across a huge spectrum of industries and verticals. Here are some intriguing photographs of a few finished 3D printed products.
How can you use our high quality 3D printing service?
As one of India’s foremost 3D prototyping service provider, we can offer fast, accurate and cost effective 3D prototyping service. We deploy host of additive manufacturing technologies such as FDM, AFPM & SLS.
The following are a few ways we can help you :
You can get your existing design files 3D printed by us along with minor iterations. Rely on our professional 3D printing services and get your ideas executed.
We utilize features of 3D scanning and additive manufacturing to create a 3D portrait to immortalize you, your loved ones and the special moments. We make replica of your selfie, special moments, special things which you want to make eternal one.
Whether you need to retrofit an old model or reverse engineer an existing model, count on Divide by Zero to help you. Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and SMEs will work closely with you to reverse engineer and recreate the design from scratch.