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We are Divide By Zero a young and dynamic company that provides high-quality 3D printing service and solutions
Makemyproto creates your unique account from where you can upload your files, get instant quote and place order.
Makemyproto keeps your account data, your CAD/STL safe and secure.
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How it Works?
Step 1 :
Register with make my proto to create your account
Step 2 :
Upload your STL File
Step 3 :
Select process, material, color
Step 4 :
Add specific parameters to note like infill, layer resolution and other instructions to manufacture etc
Step 5:
After validating your design from our engineers you will get confirmation
Step 6 :
Place order and make payment
Step 7:
We Prototype your design
Step 8 :
Finishing and Sterlization of final part
Step 9:
Inspection of Prototype
Step 10 :
Dispatch of parts by mode of transport you selected
Step 11:
You will get your order at your doorstep